Diamonds Class: Summer Term Week 5

1. Classroom Ducklings

This video shows Mrs Bray teaching the ducklings to eat and drink for the very first time!

2. Young ducks first time in an outside pool

This YouTube video shows some young runner ducks seeing an outside pool for the first time - you can see how curious they are. Can you guess which will be the first to be brave enough to jump in?

3. Time lapse of first 60 days of ducklings

This YouTube video shows how two different ducklings change over the first 60 days of their lives - on the left is a Runner Duck, and on the right a Pekin Duck.

4. Runner Ducks ... running!

This funny video shows just why Runner Ducks have this name!!! (and no, it's not speeded up...)

5. Runner Ducks running to Work

This video shows just where those runner ducks were running to and why...

6. The Ugly Duckling Song

I love this song, by Danny Kaye - my Grandad used to sing it to me when I was a little girl. Listen carefully to the story at first, and then maybe try to learn the song yourself so you can sing the story to your family! Use this song to sequence your pictures and captions to make your own Ugly Duckling story book.

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Diamonds Class: Summer Term Week 4

Butterfly Rap

A catchy little number about the Butterfly Life-Cycle!

Painted Lady emerging from Chrysalis

This is the same type of butterfly as the caterpillars you've been writing about in your Caterpillar Diary. Can the Butterfly fly straight away? Why do you think that is?

Life Cycle of a Heliconis Butterfly

Lovely David Attenborough narrates this video from YouTube about the life-cycle of a Heliconis Butterfly - particularly interesting because it talks about the changes that take place inside the chrysalis.

Growing Frogs

A story and fact book, all in one, by Vivian French.

Tadpole Blues recap

We love this song!!! Perhaps you can send me videos of you singing along to your family and showing them your illustrations? I'll put them on the video page if you'd like me to!

Miss B reads Christopher's Caterpillars

This is the story we're looking at for Literacy ... Christopher's Caterpillars, by Charlotte Middleton

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Diamonds Class: Summer Term Week 2

Hatching Duckling

This is a video of one of the ducklings ACTUALLY HATCHING in our classroom last time we did this topic. The eggs had been kept moist and warm in the incubator, and then.... wait and see!

Minivid of Ducklings on Petersfield Lake

Ella took this short video for you last week, of a duck family at Petersfield Lake . The longer video won't load at the moment, so I'll try it another time. Can you count how many ducklings this duck and drake have to keep an eye on?

Storytime from Miss Burrough

I'm missing reading you all stories, so here's one called 'Caterpillar Dreams' ...

The Amazing Story of Maria Merrian

This is a video from YouTube, made by a little boy in America - I wonder if he'll teach you something new about the fabulous Maria Merrian?

A look inside one of Maria Merrian's books

This video from YouTube shows you one of Maria's ACTUAL books -- look at her wonderful pictures, and can you spot the portrait of her?

Eric Carle talks about The Very Hungry Caterpillar

The YouTube video, made by Waterstones to celebrate 40 years of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, shows Eric Carle talking about how he wrote the story, and about how he makes his artwork.

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Diamond Class: Summer Term Week 1

Rufus and Merryn's Rocket!

Rufus and Merryn made an incredible water rocket with their Dad - wait for it ….. and watch just how high it goes! I love it!

VHC Read-along

Please feel free to turn down the sound and pause the video to allow your child to read the text themselves!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This is a lovely animation of Eric Carle's 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar', read by Roger McGough.

Maria Merian: 'Summer Butterflies' by Margarita Engle

This is a true story about a young girl called Maria Merian, who lived 370 years ago. She grew up to become an amazing artist, scientist and explorer.

1. Life Cycle of a Frog

This short video gives us information about frogs and shows the different stages in the life-cycle of a frog.

Tadpole Blues

This is our first new topic song for this half term - play it lots of times and learn the words so that we can sing it together when we can come back to school.

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